Thursday, November 05, 2009

Who Pays The Piper

Curious isn't it, David Milband has adopted a highly critical approach to Russia during his tenure as Foreign Secretary (rightly so in my opinion) and yet soon after his name starts being touted for the role of EU foreign minister he does a 180 degree u-turn, decides that murder by nuclear terrorism on the streets of London is no biggie and that the Merkel-Sarkozy appeasement approach is much better.


Matthew said...

I'm a bit wary of using the term appeasement unless specifically talking about Chamberlain etc and the 1930s. It's probably spending too many hours reading Mad Mel, but it's clearly designed (in most cases) to make the reader think of Hitler and so on and yet usually the situations aren't really that comparable.

Ross said...

Well the "invading small countries" bit isn't wholly dissimilar.

airtommy said...

Well the "invading small countries" bit isn't wholly dissimilar.

I guess the title of this blog should have prepared me for this. Comparing Bush to Hitler is a kind of hysteria that is usually limited to the extreme left.

Ross said...

I am making a limited parallel between Russia's annexations and invasions of smaller neighbours and Germany's annexations and invasions of small countries.

It doesn't mean that I think Putin is evil on the scale of Hitler, but he has adopted an aggressive and expansionist policy with respect to his neighbours.