Tuesday, November 03, 2009


The mouse has been caught, I put down the trap without any bait in the hope that the mouse would get used to it (as suggested by Richard in the comments) but it ended up going right into the trap on the first day without any bait at all. I feel bad for the mouse, he should at least have had something to eat before he got evicted.

After taking a picture of him (which I'll put up later) I released the rodent into a lay by a couple of miles from the house.


Anonymous said...

You sexed the mouse?

Ross said...

Just the once, it was a moment of madness, I'd had a bit to drink and we started eyeing each other up and then...... oh wait I see what you mean. I'm using "he" in a generic sense, although I hope it is male because I wouldn't want their to be the patter of even tinier feet in the house.