Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Go Read

Counting Cats highlights a report by the Mises Economic blog about how Sweden is riding out the recession- with big tax cuts for everyone which has led to a scarcely believable growth rate of 6.9%.

Daphne of Jaded Haven finds even the Australians are victims to the most witless forms of political correctness- in this case the police making formal the media convention that crimes by ethnic minorities be misrepresented to avoid stereotyping. Not being able to describe criminals' appearance is an obstacle to law enforcement one would have thought.

Kevin Myers writes about the rotten core of the Irish body politic that has led it to financial penury.


banned said...

Meanwhile, as pointed out by connecting the dots, the telegraph is carrying a report on how well Greenland is doing on the back of their flourishing fishing industry...and leaving the EU in 1985.


James Higham said...

Waddaya mean "even" the Australians - they're one of the worst nations for it, behind the UK and ahead of the U.S.

Ross said...

James- the surprise is on Daphne's behalf, not mine.