Sunday, November 28, 2010

Keep This between You, Me & 3 Million Trusted Colleagues.

Whilst I have no sympathy for wikileaks or their narcissistic founder Julian Assange (who believes he has the right to decide whether or not Afghans cooperating with the coalition and national government against the Taliban should have their identities protected), the latest wikileaks revelations reveal a more serious problem.

Given that the leaked documents are important enough to cause serious problems for the United States and their diplomatic efforts you'd think that access would be restricted. And sure enough it- to just a few million of the most trusted people in the US.

Yeah the Wikileaks mob are grossly irresponsible but it's hard to see how something like this was avoidable given the circumstances.


malpas said...

So ban the truth.
Or just a few mates could be told.
Or if not told now - when can the truth be told.
You don't dispute the veracity of the leaks it seems.

Ross said...

Malpas- I don't think that it is unreasonable that a certain level of privacy is expected in diplomatic and military exchanges.

JuliaM said...

Of course, private correspondence leaks are nothing new...


Senior said...

So many files have been made public and the US government doesn't know who is responsible for the leaks. This suggests the files are all stored in locations that are accessible to a lot of people. The greater the amount of people who have access to information, the greater the likelyhood of it being leaked.

banned said...

The BBC breathlessly reported today that Wikileaks 'revealed' Obama rebuffed both Gordon Brown and Dave over UFO hacker Gary McKinnon.
That comes under "We already knew that" does it not? Just like most of the ''revelations' to date.

"David Cameron was seen as “lightweight” by Barack Obama"

"Prince Charles does not command the same respect as the Queen, "

"Silvio Berlusconi responded to leaked claims by American diplomats that he has a penchant for “wild parties” by claiming he only throws parties in a “proper, dignified and elegant way”.

"American officials suspect that North Korea has been secretly aiding Iran in its attempts to build nuclear weapons "

"The White House has told federal agencies to tighten security around the US military computer network following the leaking of classified information"

&etc. all of them either not new, not surprising or not interesting.

Anonymous said...

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