Sunday, November 07, 2010

Lacks Polish

I decided my shoes were looking decidedly grubby and needed freshened up, so I went out to buy some polish. So I went to the recently opened polish shop on the high street and to my astonishment not only did they not sell polish or any shoe cleaning paraphenalia- most of the staff didn't even speak English!

If this is what the British service industry has come to then I despair, I really do.


Julius Whacket said...

Had a similar experience recently when I wanted to buy an orange; all the shop sold was, er, mobile phones.

Matthew said...

We went through these jokes in Sep on D2's site, and I thought in the comments it was concluded with:

I thought One Foot In The Grave did it better, when Richard Wilson's character was sent to the supermarket for the first time in his life with an insufficiently demarcated shopping list, and returned to his wife saying "I've no idea why you wanted me to get Polish Sherry, but eventually I managed to find a weird ethnic shop that stocked it".

Ross said...

That hurts, I though I'd come up with a moderately original joke!

Ross said...

Obviously I didn't think no one had made the "Polish is spelt like polish" observation before.

James Higham said...

There seems to be total idiocy going on. As AA just posted - skilled foreigners wanted by companies can't get in and the ones unwanted by us just walk in. WTF is going on?

James Higham said...

AM I mean - sorry.

Edwin Greenwood said...

I think it was Asimov that wrote a short story based on the observation that there are no original jokes. His fictional team of scientists eventually concluded that they must have originated outside humanity, and posited a mechanism implanted by aliens to observe human psychology.

Immediately the theory was voiced, all jokes ceased, instantly and permanently, to be funny.

Watch out for the flying saucers, Ross.

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