Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yaz Death Poll

In light of the police arresting someone for joking that Yasmin Alibhai Brown should be stoned to death the obvious question is- how should Yaz be executed?
How should Yasmin Alibhai Brown be executed?
She should be stoned.
Hang her!
Hangings too good for her, burn her at the stake.
Stake through the heart.
Firing squad.
Suffocated between a White Van Man's sweaty butt cheeks.
She should ritually disemboweled along with the rest of the Independent editorial board.
Crucify to satisfy her messiah complex.
Bury her alive in a mound of unsold "Independent's".
Taken apart slowly with a scapel free polls


banned said...

Voted,shhhh, secret.

So it's ok for guys to turn up at Armistice Day shouting 'rapists, murderers' during the two minute silence but demanding the rhetorical death of a controversial public figure gets you arrested? Nice, thanks Thought Police, George would have been proud.

Pavlov's Cat said...

I like the fact the general opinion is not that she should be killed as that's a given, but only the manner of the killing

TDK said...

Where's the "all of the above" option>

Harry J said...

Such a tough choice. I'm with TDK, it's got to be 'all of the above'.

Ross said...

Apologies for the grocers' apostrophe in "Independent's" btw.

TDK- vote for all categories if you wish.