Friday, September 19, 2008

Assorted Credit Crunch Links.

  • How the Democrats forced US Banks to make risky loans, because of a misguided belief that the banks were "Redlining". Redlining was always a myth and in truth the banks weren't refusing to give loans to ethnic minorites they were simply not giving money to people with minimal assets. (First link via Julia)
  • The foolishness of the Obama campaign blaming the crisis on allowing banks to practice both commercial and investment banking. Obama appears to want more banks like Lehman Brothers and fewer like the Bank of America.
  • Obnoxio isn't impressed with the government banning shortselling. Short selling has nothing to do with what is happening now but it sounds complicated so it is politically simple to demonise speculators.
  • Gerard Baker issues a much needed call for restraint when it comes to regulation.
I may add a few more links later on.

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