Monday, September 01, 2008

Anyone Fancy Going On A Rampage?

You know the economy isn't in a good way, with growth slowing and the credit crunch, so I'm wondering does anyone want to go out tonight to beat up some foreigners?

This might seem like a strange response to the credit crunch and all that but according to the government it is likely to be the reaction of many people.

An autumn offensive by Gordon Brown to revive his premiership with a package of economic measures risks being overshadowed by the leak of a Home Office document which spells out how the downturn will lead to an increase in crime and greater support for extremist political parties.

It doesn't seem likely to me. Perhaps these government relaunches would be more effective if they didn't believe that the electorate was composed of atavistic morons who are only ever a few moments away from becoming a rampaging lynch mob.

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Blognor Regis said...

Didn't you know? It's 1919, we're in Germany and we're all ex-soldiers confused about how come the war ended just like that?