Monday, September 01, 2008

Bad Teachers.

The head of OFSTED seems to be correct when she says:

Miss Gilbert said inadequate and "satisfactory" teaching was letting children down, and that excuses about the intake of some schools in deprived areas were not acceptable.

"As I go round the country heads tell me how difficult it is to get rid of weak teachers," she said. "They say they start the procedure and they might be 18 months down the line and the teacher will move… we need to be thinking of ways of preventing that. That isn't Ofsted's role but I sympathise with head teachers about that."

The situation is so perverse that one of the practices that goes on is to get rid of the worst teachers by promoting them, so they can retire with a larger pension.

I would be willing to accede to almost any of the demands made by the teaching unions, higher pay, longer holidays or anything else providing there was one condition; Headteachers could sack any teacher immediately with no right of appeal and School Boards could sack any headteacher at any point.

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