Wednesday, September 03, 2008

School Leaving Age Rises.

Children starting secondary school this week will have to stay there until they're 17, not continuously. I am against this because more school isn't the right choice for every pupil. It seems likely to be a waste of time for those who don't want to remain there, which in turn will damage the prospects of those who do want to stay on, because students who don't want to be there are likely to be a disruptive influence.

I heard a government spokesman claim on the radio that it was necessary because at the moment those who stay in school earn considerably more over a lifetime, which appears to be a compelling argument at first but on closer examination is like claiming that because basketball players are taller than the general population we should therefore make basketball compulsory, to make people taller. Come to think of it people who go on to earn a doctorate earn even more still so why not make getting a Ph.D compulsory too?


Mark Wadsworth said...

Er ... you're making the mistake of even assuming that The Powers That Be actually want this to achieve anything.

The point that it won't achieve anything (as you rightly point out) is secondary.

Ross said...

Oh I see, they want to be seen to be doing something rather than actually doing so.