Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Obamas Versus Medical Research.

One of the most frequent criticisms that is made against the Republicans in the USA, including against a certain women whom I promised not to mention for a week or so, is that they are "anti science". This is mostly due to the prominence of creationsim on the American right, which is something I wish was not the case because Creationism is nonsense as is it's fraudulant cousin, Intelligent Design. I have said before holding one irrational belief doesn't make someone an idiot, after all Isaac Newton believed in alchemy, but it is depressing to see politicians I support favour such nonsense.

However a politician's personal beliefs are less important than what they do in office, so a candidate who finds creationism credible but doesn't attempt to promote it as a matter of public policy is not a problem. Unfortunately there is a woman involved in the US presidential race who does have a track record of abusing her position to promote anti scientific scare mongering, that is Michelle Obama. As this New York Times hagiography of her a few months ago reveals:

She also altered the hospital’s research agenda. When the human papillomavirus vaccine, which can prevent cervical cancer, became available, researchers proposed approaching local school principals about enlisting black teenage girls as research subjects.

Mrs. Obama stopped that. The prospect of white doctors performing a trial with black teenage girls summoned the specter of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment of the mid-20th century, when white doctors let hundreds of black men go untreated to study the disease.

In other word the wife of the Obamessiah promoted racial paranoia to sabotage medical research and a worthwhile public health initiative. This might be seen as a one off but when you consider it in the context of the Obama's former pastor telling his flock that HIV was invented by the American government in order to kill black people you have to wonder about what damage the Obamas would do if they were in charge of agencies like the CDC.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Tee hee, I can't stand Mrs Obama Bin Laden and this sort of thing is just what you expect.

I tell you, we have to pray that Obama loses because he is The World's Sorest Loser, he will never ever get over it. And his fat bitch wife.

BTW, the CIA did invent AIDS to wipe out Africans and gays, I thought everybody knew that. The CIA also invented heroin to kill junkies.

Ross said...

Given the CIA's track record of bungling, I suspect that any attempts to invent a virus to wipe out anyone would be more likely to end up in them inadvertently inventing a cure for the common cold.

James Higham said...

Obama is one thing, Ross. another is that trying to follow your hyperlink from your name in comments back here is a nightmare. What are you doing, man? :)

Ross said...

I've tried using the "Name & URL" option beforoe but it didn't work, I'll try again now.

Ross said...

You see even though I filled in both the name and URL form there is no link when you click my name.

JuliaM said...

"You see even though I filled in both the name and URL form there is no link when you click my name."

The CIA must be blocking it... ;)

Ross said...

Maybe if I include the http stuff that will work.

Ross said...

Rejoice, rejoice.