Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Double Standards?

The pregnancy of Bristol Palin has been seized upon by the usual suspects. Although in fairness Barack Obama has acted admirably and drawn a line under it. However some of the reporting of it made me think of a comparison with another politicians daughter whom the press agreed to keep out of the news after an incident. I was hesitant to raise it because I think it was right not to report that case, however there do appear to be double standards as Guido alludes to here.

BTW I'd rather commentators didn't directly refer to the case I am talking about, even if it is reasonably well known by now.

Update: Quote of the Day on this subject comes from economist Tyler Cowen:

without families like this our nation would have no chance of affording the social welfare programs proposed by the Democratic Party.


JuliaM said...

vayxThere's a cracking round up of all the bizarre attacks and double-standards on display regarding Sarah Palin at Jeff Goldstein's site:


Ross said...

Some of the stuff their is bizarre, it makes the attacks on Boris Johnson earlier this year look restrained in comparison.

JuliaM said...

Yup, that's America for you - bigger and 'better'.. ;)