Monday, September 22, 2008

Verbally Raping A Nutter.

There is a new* femiloon on the prowl at the hallowed pages of Comment is Free, a woman with just one name, Bidisha. She's impressive and if she keeps up this consistency of writing she may surpass Cath Elliott or even Julie Bindel.

She claims to have witnessed four examples of men harassing women in public in the last three days and that this is typical. I haven't seen any examples of this is three months and I frequently follow women surreptitiously, as my many restraining orders demonstrate, so I would have spotted any weirdos out and about. Her claims stretch credibility but can't be disproved. After all if the oppression of Julia Bindel's imaginary friends demonstrates society's misogyny then why should it be different for Bidisha's?

If your going to make up bollocks it is best to present it in the form of personal anecdotes that cannot be verified, so you can make statements like:
This endemic harassment of women is verbal rape.
In the sense that 'verbal' means 'not'. Trivialising rape by redefining it to mean something else is another common theme of people like her. When she does produce facts that can be verified they are obviously untrue:
We live in a country in which domestic violence is the single biggest killer of women
How can anyone not see that this is absurd? Is there some school where you get to learn feminist mathematics, where what matters is not whether the numbers add up but how strongly one believes in them? How does she respond to the critics of her ideas?
Yet any woman who points out that misogyny is the world's driving force is ripped down in a way that is itself transparently misogynistic.
Of course.

* New in the sense that I hadn't spotted her before.


JuliaM said...

"I was enjoying my walk. Out of the twilight came a young man's voice, "Awright, gaw-jusssss?""

Poor lad - a real shame to see someone with learning difficulties and faulty vision..

Oh, and you should read her column on the new pornography laws:

Umbongo said...

Not coincidentally Bidisha appears regularly on BBC2's Friday evening programme Newsnight Review. The only difference between her contributions to CiF and NR is that, on NR, she talks bollocks rather than writes it.