Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dutch Ban Bestiality.

I was going to speak up against this but I was feeling a little hoarse. That joke works much better when spoken aloud. Speaking up for zoophiles isn't a popular position but should our prisons really be filled with people whose only crime is to fancy a bit of cow, goat, pig, dog, frozen or chicken? Hell yeah!

As ever it is the details of animal sex cases that make them so hilarious, take the goat lover:

A CHEF had sex with a goat ? and was seen by a trainload of passengers, a court heard.

Stephen Hall, 23, lassoed the animal with his belt at the Paradise allotments near his home.

As the packed Hull to Bridlington train stopped at signals, dozens of passengers stared out in amazement.


British Transport Police Detective Inspector Dave Crinnion, who investigated, said: "I saw the goat the next day ? it did not seem too upset but it is difficult to tell."
That is good to know, but the part that really got my er goat was this:

Hall, who says he is gay, said after the hearing: "My friends have been giving me a lot of stick. They are all joking with me about it.

"I have never done anything like this before."

He has friends! I don't consider myself a judgmental sort but if you mount a goat we aren't going to be friends.

Via A Tangled Web.

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