Monday, March 03, 2008

Taffophobia Latest..

Most pointless Comment is Free entry ever from complaining Welsh woman Yvonne Roberts:
As Chris Bryant, the Rhondda Labour MP, told the Western Mail last week: "It's the British Broadcasting Corporation not the English Broadcasting Corporation."

Bryant was complaining about the coverage last month where the BBC's focus was almost entirely on England's win against France. The latter was televised but the Scotland and Wales games were confined to Five Live.

There is just one problem with this as the very first comment points out:
All the games were live on BBC One.
Is there some militant Welsh nationalist without a television somewhere who enjoys complaining about imagined taffophobic insults?


James Higham said...

I'm having a problem with a Welsh woman just now too.

Anonymous said...

Given that you style yourself "Bretwalda", James, you seem to have brought it on yourself.