Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stealth Editing.

This morning Comment is Free published an article by Anne Perkins about politicians wives who stand by their husband after he's been caught cheating. It originally contained the line:
In recent American politics there has been Mrs Craig standing next to Senator Larry ("I am not gay") Craig, and Mrs Vitter beside her erring senator-husband David. Of course in British politics the list is long and getting longer all the time: Mrs Mark Oaten, Mrs Rhodri Morgan, Mrs Tim Yeo, Mrs David Mellor.
There was a slight problem here, Rhodri Morgan has not been exposed for having an affair, in all likelihood she confused him with another prominent Welsh politician the badger watcher Ron Davies. Needless to say Mrs Rhodri Morgan has now found herself replaced by Mrs Jeffrey Archer in the gallery as the Guardian's libel lawyers went into convulsions.

Personally I think Mrs Mark Oaten is deserving of special praise for standing by her man considering the stink that was emanating from his brief case.

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