Sunday, March 23, 2008

NUTfest 2008.

After last years NUTfest, where the head NUT made a rambling Gallowayesque speech denouncing capitalism, Zionism and of course Britain, I have been looking forwards to NUTfest 2008. Sadly it doesn't appear to have scaled the heights of last year just yet but there have been some highlights. Notably the demand by the new head NUT that independent schools be abolished:
“Let’s consider our own direction of travel – from private to public, towards bringing all schools into the state sector,” he said. “Then we would soon see some urgent improvements in our state system.”
I think that Mr Greenshields in suggesting that private schools do better because they have better pupils, because how else would taking over the independent sector improve the state sector? Of course their might well be another reason why he wants to get rid of them.

The relatively strong performance of independent schools might have something to do with the fact that their staff don't attempt to sabotage the students education once a year by going out on strike unlike the chippy & workshy members of the NUT.

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