Monday, March 31, 2008

Racist Traffic Accidents.

In a tract on racial inequality in London, Cif contributer Claudia Webbe writes:
Recent research highlights that BME groups make up a significant proportion of the 51% inner London children living in poverty. For Pakistani and Bangladeshi groups, this reaches 69%, and 33% of people accepted as homeless in London were from BME groups.

Black African and black Caribbean children are still twice as likely to be casualties in road traffic accidents as their white counterparts.
Let's run over more white kids! OK let's not, but I'm struggling to see what point she is making, is she seriously suggesting that drivers are hitting more black kids because they are racist?


JuliaM said...

She did come back on to try to explain why, but got herself into even more difficulties and the moderators threw her a lifeline by closing the column after only a few hours up and just 84 comments.

So she's at least made a new 'CiF' record.. ;)

Ross said...

When I don't understand is why after explaining how terrible London is for black people she wants to reelect the bloke who has been running it for the last 8 years.

JuliaM said...

That IS a bit of a diconnect, until you look at her profile.. ;)